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Frequently Asked Knowledge

Frequently Asked Knowledge

You got the questions = We maybe Got the Answers! If not all good, just shoot us an email, holler on our contact page or DM us on our social media and we'll Give It Our Almost! 

What is Subaverage

Subaverage is a way of life that encompasses the humble attitude of being the best you can be and striving for self improvement! We are for all people that enjoy the Good Times Outdoors doing what we love! 

Refer to our slogans and novels below and let your imagination fly! Incoming Welcome to SubAverage in Development for the past some years! Look out for 2021 SubAverage near you!

Why would I want to be Subaverage: Because its awesome! No judgement or competition, just 100% Good Times! We are a bunch of everyday average people looking to build up good culture and community through life and work experiences! You got a good story, we'd love to hear it! Our initial background was doing what we love, camping, hunting, fishing where we found there was a level of prestige on being the absolute best. We wanted to take this down to our level where we want to have the absolute best times! Got skunked fishing but you built some beauty memories was more important than the outcome of catching that elusive trophy fish. Went camping and the tent collapsed under heavy rain of snow and the only time the sun was seen was on the way there and the way back? Well we call that Subaver.... terrible weather! But guaranteed it made a memory and a story to share of the awesome time we/you went on a Subaverage Camping Trip and made the most of it having a Good Time! 

What's all your cool Slogans and Sayings Mean (in no particular order):

1. 80% Effort, 10% Success, 100% Good Times: How come the numbers don't add up? Because math is hard and the other 10% is open for interpretation like drinking beer or just having a good ole fashion: time or beverage! 

2. Slab On: yelled or said with authoritative excitement when you potentially catch a fish or do something awesome! The Slab refers to a monster fish, but can also be hilarious when its actually a big rock of floating tree branch causing a false alarm and better luck on the next one! On refers to you've done something which always has the potential to be a big fish. So get our there and SLAB ON! 

3. Give It Your Almost: You truly succeed when you give it 100% and get your desired outcome. Often, we can say this DOES NOT HAPPEN, so we Give It Our Almost that leaves room for learning improvements to hit that hammer with the nail, let the thunder strike and the lightning roll, and perfect makes practice!

4. Satisfactory Guaranteed: Rome wasn't built in a day, they definitely needed the extra hours during the night! One can expect the SubAverage cuz you'll know we Gave It OUR Almost and had 100% of a Good time battling through whatever task it may be!

Ex/ I just planted my first garden, accidentally putting grass seed everywhere, and then realizing that was the best place for a good greed food factory. Upon dumping copious amount of old/fresh cow manure, and hammering aggressively with a roto-tiller; the beautiful black dirt was ready! Meticously scattering rowed seeds, and watering every night looked to yield a bounty with the first week of seeds sprouting! Fast forward two weeks I have a lushious grass garden amongst corn stalks, taters, onions and tomaters. Third week, you can imagine every weed species other than the good kind have rapidly outgrown the edible veggies!! Looking back, some may see the weed infestation disator, I see myself as having a dam good Green Thumb with Satisfactory Guaranteed! 

5. Embrace Your Shortcomings: We never fail in our books, instead when we fall short or something we utilize the learnings for the next upcoming opportunity! We take our short end of the stick and realize size doesn't always matter, and we can happily embrace who we are without the ego and shoot towards positivity and know that'll we'll hammer down on a Good Time! 

6. Practice Conservation: We are absolute supporters of Conservation! We love to catch big and small fish, quick pic and release the fishes back to eat and breed another day! Same goes for hunting, many of us are much more accurate with a camera and shoot alot of critter pics waiting for that tasty one to come into a good confident harvest spot. We enjoy nature walks in the woods to harvest some lumber or firewood, and actively participate in tree planting adventures with our buddies coffee shop when he's got excess mini-trees to plant - incoming blog post of my Lodge Pole Forest adventure ( 100 some lodges with 100 some Spruces!). Note: it was a hot summer and rough winter, 50% yield and will boost up natures survival of the fittest tree with some careful watering and transplanting!

Where are we located

EVERYWHERE Your Adventure Takes You Being A Self Sponsor! Our home base is located just South of Calgary in the beauty foothills of Alberta; with members distributed wherever life and work takes us from Lethbridge to up Northwest of Edmonton. Two of our Team are down in the USA primarily in Arkansas with our prod line and the other is travelling around Texas!

When were you established

EST DOB - Established Date of Birth. We put alot of good thought into this one as we were Subaverage for as long as we can remember without being able to remember when we first got going. Using blank slate theorology, we figure we were Born to be Subaverage! Meaning we came into this world Giving It Our Almost through the learnings and life and we always strive for Good Times!  

How Does Shipping Work

Pretty simple, choose your favorite new gear and place your order, I put it in a box of package and get it off to ya as soon as I can! Sometimes delayed if I have to walk my dog, untangle another snagged fishing line or have to Embrace My Shortcomings and complete household chores. 

Welcome to SUBAVERAGE!

Size Chart

Hoodie - HD - Heavy Weight

Description XS S M  L XL XXL XXXL

Body Length

27.5" 28.5" 29.5" 30.5" 31.5" 32.5" 33.5"
Chest Width 20.5" 21" 23" 24.5" 26.5" 27.5" 28.5"
Sleeve Length 33.5" 34.5" 35.5" 36.5" 37.5" 38.5" 39.5"


Hoodie - MD - Medium Weight

Description XS S M  L XL XXL XXXL

Body Length

27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33"
Chest Width 19" 20" 22" 24" 26" 27" 28"
Sleeve Length 33.5" 34.5" 35.5" 36.5" 37.5" 38.5" 39.5"

Sub-Hoodie - LT - Light Weight

Description XS S M L  XL XXL XXXL

Body Length

23.5" 25" 26.5" 28.5" 29.5" 30.5" 31.5"
Chest Width 19.5" 20.5" 21.5" 22.5" 23.5" 24.5" 25.5"
Sleeve Length 32" 33.5" 35" 36.5" 37.75" 39" 40.25"