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The Sub Seven

Seven sheep dressed in wolves clothing

Mark "No Meat"

“Here is a pig ear Conroy - good boy!”

Known as Mr. Excited, King Snapper, previously Muscles going on Dad Bod -  Mark commonly struggles to identify the gender of deer. Good thing there are general tags. He loves to yell out “there’s a buck” when one is standing 20 feet away, or at anything that could remotely resemble a deer. Grouse don’t seem to be phased my Mark due to his inability to load and fire a shotgun. Mark consistently slabs different species diversity while fishing including but not limited to seaweed, logs, and adjacent lures and lines with the occasional fish. Not afraid to take chances and switch lures on every cast. Uber driver, dip buyer, food fryer, can’t change a tire.

Dylan "Wildman" Stoff

One would have to meet this truly awesome Wildman to appreciate his beauty personality and experience his dreamy Texan drawl! Yall can find him ranging across the Southern States workin his excellency on turbine engines and compression stations to keep that positive energy flowing! Always up for Good Times and never one to back down from a challenge whether its fishin, drinkin, huntin or lovin life! Last time he visited us in the great white North, we were very thankful he did not lip this Northern Alberta Slough Shark with their jaws of razor teeth. Dylan gives it 110% Effort which works out to the average days max output, but don't let nothin deter you from Giving It Your Almost to keep par being the everyday Subaverage hero to those who mean the most! He' handy with a blade, leans on a shovel spade, occasionally tangles up everyone's fishing lines and aint afraid to shoot a non-record multi-point buck with tines! Yeehaw and welcome to Subaverage EH!

Kelton "Owen Wilson"

This famous local doppelganger came to us for as long as we can remember. This tire kickin good time lad is the most genuine person - It's been known to many that he will help you out anytime in dire need and will always give you the shirt off his back revealing chiseled forearms, firm pectorals, river rippling abs and a permanent T-Shirt Tan! You can hear him from afar with his welcoming laughter and the rumble of a diesel, not sure if he's stuck again or just letting the throttle purr. A big fan of Sasky Champagne, one might think he was born in the golden prairies of our neighboring beauty province. Always expect him to boost the mood; hand you a freshly cracked Pilsner to warm up the appetite for some solid Barley Sandwiches with Good Times ahead! Note: his expertise help is always appreciated with the inability to cut a straight line and drive in fence posts as curly as his luscious golden curls!

Ryan "Bullet Saver"

Mr. Sensitive, Bullet Saver, Camp Mom, Short Fuse, The Ryan Fox40 Loudspeaker. This man plays by the rules except when buying food; 3 weeks past expiry dates, discount isles and stale buns are staples of his diet. After being skunked hunting for +10 years and nearly giving up for good, he got his chance in 2018 with a beauty buck and celebrated after with 2 palm bays… wasted! He truly has a huge heart and always asks what’s new and going on in peoples lives… while hunting. Being the loudest hunter around has its benefit as he is able to call in a coyote from over 600 yards away for over 45 minutes. He’s the only guy on the river that looks like a fly fisherman while casting spoons. The genius behind ole Terry, Ryan is also a handyman and can fix anything while overcomplicating the simplest of processes.

Steve "TRK HNTR"

Stebe the one and only;  Big Papa, Moose, Monsterbuck and of course the Truck Hunter! He is all about hunting and fishing when trophies are the name of the game, having won the lunker cup once and probably never again, he gets a good buck yearly and always shoots it before his comrades. One of the quietest hunters, he hears every footstep you make while he treks around with size 15 feet that glide through the snow quiet as a mouse. Just ask him, and he’ll tell you exactly where he shoots all his animals. A creature of habit, you can find him at the same spot around the campfire or table, same cup with the same drink in hand. There’s no secrets here, he takes a unique style of wearing his ancient faded camo that somehow still fits him since he was 12 yrs old. This animal spotter has no need for bino’s as his Eagle Eyes will spot a buck a mile away. He’s the Yes Man, always ready for an adventure and things are always better when he’s present. Also an avid Uber driver for da boys, his vehicle maintenance involves trading his truck in yearly, which also keeps the animals guessing. Plumber by day and subaverage lover by night!

Kyle "Man Bun"

The man, the myth, the legend! A true sub member who isn’t afraid to press his brow against the scope insuring he will make that kill shot…and get stitches. Known as Mr. Debit Card Kyle somehow always seems to take care of the boys, especially on Steven’s watch. Dubbed “Kyle Van Wilder” he is still found roaming the halls of his local university (after 10 years) now working in a lab as a neuroscientist. After a successful hunting season Kyle is best known for his deadly venison sausage recipe. Literally deadly! 80% pork fat, 20% venison, a pinch of CWD, and a guaranteed grease fire. User discretion is advised. With his scientific background in tow Kyle possess the skill to consistently match the hatch. As a true mid-stream releasing pro he likes to keep the fish guessing by never showing them his face. He is known to have never nailed on the nymph, he fails with the fly, and constantly snags with his streamers.

Jamie "Horseshoe"

That’ll be Cptn Shalom to you Mr! This horseshoe shoots a buck bigger than his ego every year! Most recently known as Miss Parker with brand new 20/20 vision and a pack of empty shells after repeatedly missing shots. This sportsman's skills are mostly attributed to pure luck but he will do his best to convince people otherwise. You see he has a particular knack for being in the right place at the right time and has a wall covered in proof. He's dubbed as part man and part hound dog, his tracking skills have helped put proof on others people's walls as well. While retiring from professional rappel firefighting, he now passes on stories with more sounds than words. He recently suffered a tragedy, watching his fishing rod and fav lure being sucked into Lac La Biche likely by a world record pike after leaving it unattended. Zipping around in his Toyota Matrix with Lionel (tent trailer) in tow, he’s always ready for the next subventure after confirming his car is not in front of a fire hydrant - be ready in a Parker Time, minute, hour, or week. Rarely seen without the “Pavement Princess,” he enjoys casting into the sunset foliage or taking long walks into the wilderness. Jamie has also brought a certain element of sexy to SubAverage, you know; the kinda guy that sets a mirror up on the far bank of the river just to watch himself cast.

Michael "Big Mighe"

Monster Mike, JM, Big Mighe, Fly Caster Thrasher, he lives up to his reputation by slabbing on big browns in the elk riveria. More locally he is known for snapping the occasional rod in a door, and consistently battles snagged lines given the tight corridors that leave little error on the back cast. Learning from the shotgun pro’s in Tennessee, we have never actually seen him shoot a gun but we are always hopefully he will join the next hunting season. He has all of the gear but none of the skill. An avid morning hiker, the goalie for the boys, and the best man and friend anyone could ever ask for, he is a model representative of what subaverage is all about! Vino master and camp mom, this man knows how to prepare his meat. The drapes do match the carpet. 

Mike "Pavement Princess"

The newest member to the club; Wenzy, Horshoe #2, Big Buck Luck, Big Beard, and the man who shines with a diamond, in his nose of course! Sharing that horseshoe luck, Mike has bush cranked out two mounter bucks consecutively with keeping his reputation of never driving - Pavement Princess! He peaks as the early season shooter while being never one to complain, just ask his pals pneumonia and hypothermia! Mike was an aspiring rappel firefighter but unfortunately didn't make the cut due to his chronic bronchitis. Beware of the one who coughs on a hunt! Always there to help, he will grab the truck and meet your at the top of the coulee while you drag out your deer out from the bottom. His love languages will melt your heart and inspire you to keep on giving it your almost! Featured as our poster boy; part merman and male model, he brings out the beauty in Subaverage while always found wearing Marks camo.

Size Chart

Hoodie - HD - Heavy Weight

Description XS S M  L XL XXL XXXL

Body Length

27.5" 28.5" 29.5" 30.5" 31.5" 32.5" 33.5"
Chest Width 20.5" 21" 23" 24.5" 26.5" 27.5" 28.5"
Sleeve Length 33.5" 34.5" 35.5" 36.5" 37.5" 38.5" 39.5"


Hoodie - MD - Medium Weight

Description XS S M  L XL XXL XXXL

Body Length

27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33"
Chest Width 19" 20" 22" 24" 26" 27" 28"
Sleeve Length 33.5" 34.5" 35.5" 36.5" 37.5" 38.5" 39.5"

Sub-Hoodie - LT - Light Weight

Description XS S M L  XL XXL XXXL

Body Length

23.5" 25" 26.5" 28.5" 29.5" 30.5" 31.5"
Chest Width 19.5" 20.5" 21.5" 22.5" 23.5" 24.5" 25.5"
Sleeve Length 32" 33.5" 35" 36.5" 37.75" 39" 40.25"